Viktor Majdandžić


Viktor Majdandžić was born in 1931 in Ivanjska (Bosnia). After studying Foreign trade and Economics, he devoted himself to the Fine Arts. He studied at the National Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade, where he was awarded the first prize for his graduation work.

Circumstances forced him to hold various jobs to support himself, but he continued to paint. He contributed to the development of his residence Banja Luka into a recognized centre of modern arts, with a widely known biennale and a museum of modern art.

Viktor immigrated to the Netherlands in 1969, where he started working as an art therapist. In this way, he could paint the way he wanted: unconstrained and without having any obligations to the mainstream. During a large part of his artistic career he shared his studio with psychiatric patients, inspiring them to find their way in life as autonomous and free persons. This was a unique form of art therapy.

After retiring, Viktor continued to paint, inspired by his journeys to all parts of the world. His works have been displayed on more than 200 exhibitions in 12 countries, including recent shows in New York, Florence, Las Vegas, Montreal, Geneva, Vienna, London, Berlin, Mannheim, Rome, Helsinki, Brussels, and Amsterdam.

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